The Estonian National Agency for Erasmus+ welcomes You to Tallinn, Estonia to participate in the international conference “European Voluntary Service future search – enhanced perspectives for transnational volunteering for youth”. The Conference will be held in association with the Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU on 3-5 of July 2017 and is organised in close cooperation with the Austrian, French and German National Agencies of Erasmus+ in the field of Youth.

The follow-up of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) 20th anniversary events in many European countries, the communication from the European Commission on “Investing in Europe’s Youth” and the launch of the first phase of the European Solidarity Corps through EVS have created a momentum to keep EVS and its future shape in the focus of attention. More than ever we need to ask ourselves what has been the essence of EVS so far, how can we expand and strengthen the impact and recognition of volunteering, and what do we dream possible for the future?  By this, the conference offers stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the links between Erasmus+, European Voluntary Service and the European Solidarity Corps which, by the time of the conference, will have been developed into a European Commission legislative  proposal.

In view of this, we are excited to invite you to take part in the “EVS future search conference – enhanced perspectives for transnational volunteering for youth”, the purpose of which is to shape the future of volunteering opportunities for youth in Europe to meet the needs, current realities and dreams of young people and Europe. With this in mind, we aim to gather around 150 stakeholders for focused debate on the new ambition, innovative perspectives and strategy building for developing transnational volunteering for youth.

All Erasmus+ National Agencies responsible for implementing European Voluntary Service are invited to form the national delegations of up to 4 people per country: including 1 EVS organization, 1 National Authority, 1 Erasmus+ National Agency responsible for EVS representative and 1 ex-EVS volunteer, EVS accreditor, EVS trainer or other relevant stakeholder.

In addition, the organiser invites participants from the Partner Countries and representatives of European Commission, SALTO Resource Centres, European NGOs/Volunteering Networks, European Youth Forum, etc.

Looking forward to our discussions in Tallinn!

Reet Kost

Deputy Director of Estonian NA for Erasmus+

Archimedes Foundation