The meeting brings together 150 stakeholders and interest groups for focused debate on the new ambition, innovative perspectives and strategy building for developing transnational volunteering for youth.

The conference program offered a place to explore:
  • the value and impact of EVS so far, including the results from
    a number of national and regional EVS evaluation exercises, EVS related
    Erasmus+ programme mid-term evaluation, study on the impact of transnational volunteering through the European Voluntary Service (CHE Consult, 2017);

  • the first insights and reflections of the vision paper “4sights for EVS”;

  • the link between the Erasmus+/European Voluntary Service and the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps;

  • the next visionary developments for EVS, mapping the potential for growth and possible ideas for implementation.


Helen Sildna: Tallinn Music Week – A joint effort of like-minded people

Video presentation: Helen Sildna

Adah Parris: EU Youth Trends

Video presentation: Adah Parris

Ott Pärna: The future work, youth & volunteering

Video presentation: Ott Pärna

Anna Grund: Europe? Social inclusion? EVS? Volunteering?

Video presentation: Anna Grund

Mathieu Orphanides: European Voluntary Service

Video presentation: Martin Meyer

Video presentation: Amar Hamzic

Video of the Panel Discussion, facilitated by MarCus Vrecer


You can download the agenda from here

The conference will be facilitated by Piret Jeedas from Estonia and MarCus Vrecer from Austria, who both have long experience as international trainers and creative facilitators in the filed of youth.


Piret Jeedas is an adult educator, process host, and learning designer. Her academic background in adult education has informed her practice as a trainer passionate about creating meaningful learning spaces to explore questions that matter. Her work in youth field has been connected to youth unemployment, intercultural learning, voluntary service, youth workers professional development. He curiosity towards innovation led to initiate a strategic cooperation project within Erasmus+ “MoveMakers: Co-Creating New Ways of Learning”. Enthusiastic about nature, friends and tasty organic food.

MarCus Vrecer is a project manager, consultant, and facilitator in international youth work and civil society activism. His passion is to create opportunities and hold empowering spaces for groups to find purpose, leave the comfort zone and come from the passion to action.
Believes in the power of education, critical thinking, beauty, empathy, social change, compassion, humor, and courage.