Vision building

The conference is part of a larger strategic approach to build a vision for the future of transnational volunteering for young people in Europe. The main instruments in this process are:

the “VISION PAPER”, that serves as main development, harvesting and communication tool.  A “Foresight paper”,  bringing out the aspects important in shaping the future development of transnational volunteering in Europe, including aspects of past, present and future within each of the relevant themes, is compiled first to inspire the thinking during the conference.

The Paper  can be found in two versions –  shorter  Conference  Version  and more detailed Full Report will contain  4 main themes:

  1. Participation, Active Citizenship and Solidarity
  2. Volunteers’ development of competences, skills for employability and entrepreneurship
  3. Impact at both local and European level, including organisational capacity & sustainability
  4. System and quality of implementation
  • the “EVS FUTURE SEARCH CONFERENCE”. Estonia, July 3 -5 of 2017, 150+ participants – joint sense-making with diversity of stakeholders, creative exploration, vision-building;
  • the “STRATEGY GROUP”. Composed of representatives of National Agencies for ERASMUS+ and external experts. The Strategy Groups purpose is coordination, final shaping of vision and action plan, communication, lobbying, long-term follow-up. The conclusions and suggestions developed during and through the Conference will be incorporated into Vision Paper for further strategic use in Erasmus+ programme mid-term evaluation, the negotiations on the proposal for the regulation of the European Solidarity Corps and other European and national youth policy and programmes development.

Overview of the vision building and sharing process

Agenda can be downloaded from here

Prior to the conference we would kindly ask You to introduce yourselves with the below listed documents.